Best Brasilian



         I would like to share with everyone who appreciates the Brazilian Music that, the idea of ​​realizing this SITE came about, after realizing, after searching the Internet, that there were no links in the network that specifically selected the Styles of Brazilian Quality Music, especially those who were successful in their launching season. For this reason, I tried to rescue YOUTUBE for the Best Brazilian Music and the Cultural Forms of Brazil that many do not know. It was hard work for me to be able to select at least a part of the songs, separating by at least one or two Musical Styles that become more evident in each song and that were successful in their release times. I believe it to be the greatest collection of Good Quality songs from all the Brazilian Musical Styles presented on the Internet Even though I am not a specialist in the music area, just user, I hope to make this site as a reference for structuring other more detailed sites. This collection was selected, music to music, in order to facilitate the visualization of songs or videos. The interesting thing about this work is that, a lot of those who appreciate the Brazilian Music, have never heard, at least one of the songs presented in this SITE and, today, can enjoy, through YOUTUBE, the selection of these videos, according to their preferences.
          By the fact Brazil has the greatest musical diversity in the world, I was able to select more than 2,400 Links of the Brazilian Music Styles that were successful. Despite the amount of songs presented in this site, this work is not yet complete and depends on the collaboration of all; whether in the correction of some links and that left the air, or the low quality of videos available on YOUTUBE or the indication of other Brazilian songs that have not yet been inserted in this site. Therefore, the help of everyone at CONTACT US is very important so that we can optimize the selection of other quality songs not presented in this work, and also in the dissemination of this SITE with your friends in social networks, so that we can improve this job.

        Good music everyone !